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Home > Special Topics > The Dead Zone > Data Files

The Dead Zone: Data Files

July 23-28, 1993 Cruise Data

The data for these activities for classroom use are condensed data that were collected on a Gulf of Mexico Cruise from July 23-28, 1993. The data were acquired from the NECOP cruise file found at www.aoml.noaa.gov/ocd/necop/. The condensed data set contains 10 variables, which are listed below.

Variables and units in the condensed data files are:
Date = month/day/year
Trn. = Transect
Stn. = Station
Lat. = Latitude in degrees: minutes. hundredths of a minute (deg:min)
Long. = Longitude in degrees: minutes. hundredths of a minute (deg:min)
Depth in meters (m)
D.O. = Dissolved oxygen in milligrams per liter (mg/L)
Sal. = Salinity in parts per thousand (ppt.)
Temp. = Temperature in degrees Centigrade (Cent.)
Density (Sigma-t)

Gulf of Mexico Transects on this data set are:
Transects A, A’, B, C, D, D’, E, F, G, H, I, J, K and Y.
Data for each transect is in a separate file. Station numbers that are contained in the 1993 data files are listed below. All files contain the above listed variables.

The data files for the classroom activities contain a portion of the data from files that can be found on the NECOP website, www.aoml.noaa.gov/ocd/necop/. The original data on the NECOP website include 30 fields of variables. For the ease of classroom activities for the physical aspects of the dead zone, several of these fields were deleted for the classroom data files. The NECOP data file includes data fields of transect, station, latitude (degrees: minutes. hundredths of a minute), longitude (degrees: minutes. hundredths of a minute), maximum depth (meters), local time, secchi disc depth (meters), depth of CTD p-sensor (meters), dissolved oxygen (mg/L), salinity (ppt), in vivo fluorescence (volts), temperature (Centigrade), conductivity (S/m), % light transmission, density (sigma-t), dissolved oxygen (% saturation), altimeter (ft), ship’s fathometer (meters), mean chlorophyll A (µg/L), mean phaeopigments (µg/L), mean total pigments (µg/L), mean of Fo/Fa ratios, ammonia (µg-at/L), nitrate (µg-at/L), nitrite (µg-at/L), nitrite + nitrate (µg-at/L), phosphate (µg-at/L), silicate (µg-at/L), and auto salinity (ppt).