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Home > Classroom Projects > Native Fish in the Classroom > Teacher's Guide & Lesson Plans

Native Fish in the Classroom: Teacher's Guide & Lesson Plans

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Teacher's Guide & Lesson Plans

The Teacher's Guide & Lesson Plans may be downloaded either as one complete file, or in sections as outlined below.

Get Adobe AcobatAll of the lesson plans are available in PDF format. To read these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program is free and is available by clicking on the Adobe icon.

Download: Teacher's Guide & Lesson Plans (7.93MB PDF)

Acknowledgements & Introduction (2.74MB PDF)

Section 1 : Background Information (1.30MB PDF)


Biology of the Paddlefish, Characteristics, Spawning, Feeding, Range, Habitat, Causes of Population Decline, Caviar Industry, Conservation

Aquatic Invasive Species

Fisheries Management

Roles of Hatcheries


What is a Hatchery? Why are Hatcheries Important? Booker Fowler Fish Hatchery

Interesting Facts

Section 2 : Aquarium Setup and Maintenance (848KB PDF)


Equipment for Aquarium Setup and Maintenance, Aquarium Setup, Logbook, Water Quality Monitoring, How to Change the Water, Vacuuming, Incubation Jar Setup, Fry Basket/Nursery Setup, Feeding, How to Use the Automatic Feeder, Daphnia spp. Setup, Problem Solving

Section 3 : Appendices (220KB PDF)


Appendix I: Lesson Plans



Water Quality


My Fish Ride a (Nitrogen) Cycle (442KB PDF)

General Information on Paddlefish


Snagging Paddlefish Information (164KB PDF)
Critical Conditions for Paddlefish Spawning
(214KB PDF)
How Old Is that Fish?
(2.37MB PDF)

Effects on Paddlefish Populations


Extirpated? Don't You Mean Extinct? (246KB PDF)
What a Nuisance! (182KB PDF)
Do Dams Affect the Paddlefish Population?
(1.24MB PDF)

Paddlefish Growth, Development and Behavior


How Fast Do Paddlefish Grow? (613KB PDF)
Comparing Eggs and Embryos
(178KB PDF)
Life Cycles of the Wet and Wiggly
(171KB PDF)
Pass the Water Fleas, Please
(168KB PDF)


Appendix II : References (145KB PDF)

Appendix III : Louisiana Learning Standards, Grade Level Expectations Matrix for Lesson Plans and Definitions of Louisiana Learning Standards (181KB PDF)

Appendix IV : Glossary (181KB PDF)

Appendix V : Paddlefish Status Chart, Fry Diagram, Aquatic Hours Sheet and Water Quality Monitoring Log (1.05MB PDF)