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Classroom Projects

Louisiana Sea Grant is involved in the development and support of several educational projects.

Coastal Roots
Students from 4th grade through high school in south Louisiana are taking part in this project by establishing nurseries at their schools. Students are growing native restoration seedlings that they will plant in the fall in a coastal wetland restoration project in south Louisiana.

Marsh Maneuvers
Marsh Maneuvers is a four-day camp held for high school 4-H Club and Junior Leadership members each summer at the Lyle S. St. Amant Marine Biological Laboratory on Grand Terre Island. Since the program’s inception more than 15 years ago, it has become well-known for its hands-on educational activities related to coastal ecology, wetland loss, and key social issues affecting the health and economic well-being of Louisiana’s coastal communities. This project is run by the Louisiana Sea Grant Extension program at the LSU AgCenter.

Native Fish in the Classroom
Native Fish in the Classroom is a multi-disciplinary classroom-based project for intermediate and middle school students. Classes involved in this project will rear paddlefish from eggs to fingerlings during the spring semester. The fingerlings will be returned to state personnel for tagging and release. This is a pilot project in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Ocean Commotion
Ocean Commotion is a free educational experience for K-8 students and teachers. Invited exhibitors present interactive and/or hands-on exhibits that give students the chance to learn about our coast and sea. The primary goal of the event is for students to take home an expanded appreciation for Louisiana’s aquatic and coastal environments and an understanding of the need to conserve its resources. This annual event draws around 3,000 students, 400 teachers and parents, and 65 exhibitors. It is a joint project between LA Sea Grant and the LSU Office of University Relations.

Oral History Project
This education/outreach project is designed to engage high school students to document cultural, environmental and historical knowledge of south Louisiana communities and changes its people have experienced, preserving that knowledge for future generations. It also offers a learning opportunity for the communities, providing a focused lens where they can identify and distinguish the impacts of climatic changes and its symptoms – such as sea level rise.

Using Scalar’s Scope-On-A-Rope as a magnification tool, activity workshops for students have been offered through city libraries. Investigation topics include sand and pond organisms and are based on activities contained in the SeaScope Folios.