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Wavelengths Newletter  - April 1999
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We invite aquatic activity and article contributions!
If you have an activity or article that you would like to submit to SAME Wavelengths, contact the Wavelengths editor, Dr. John Dindo, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, 101 Bienville Blvd. Dauphin Island, AL  36528.  Fax: 334/ 861-4646, Email:

Amazing Algae
Hazel Wilson, Dauphin Island Sealab

The great bulk of marine plant life is made up of algae.  They are a diverse group of nonvascular plants.  The four major groups (divisions) of algae are blue-green algae (Division Cyanophyta), green algae (Division Chlorophycophyta), red algae (Division Rhodophycophyta) and brown algae (Division Phaeophycophyta).  These groups are named for their colors and are distinguished by the chemistry of their pigments.

A fun way to introduce the topic of marine algae to your students is to literally FEED this information to your students!  Algae is available at international markets and specialty shops, however one of the best places to find a large selection is

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
Franklin, Maine 04634

Here are a few recipes to get you started that we know are a big hit!

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Sea Chips and Cheese Dip

1 large block Velveeta cheese
1 can salsa
Sea Chips
Melt cheese and salsa together in crock pot or microwave.  Serve with chips.

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Popcorn and Dulse

Lay dulse on paper plate and microwave until crisp (like you cook bacon in the microwave).  Crumble and sprinkle on popcorn (or whatever you want - soups, salad, pizza, etc.)

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Kelp Chips

Cut kelp (any kind) into bite size squares.  Fry in butter or oil until crisp.   YUM!
Have students prepare their dish and present detailed information about the algae they used before serving.

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